Epilogue: The Great Reset and the Cosmic Awareness File

First published on 10/14/2021 AD, 6:30 PM. Last updated 10/14/2021 AD, 6:37 PM.

This one’s for you, Paul. It will make sense by the end, I promise.

Hi everyone! I just wanted to add another post as a sort of epilogue after the redone finale. I am quite enjoying my semi-retirement and accepting that everything is going according to DUO’s plan. I resisted this sense of predetermination for quite some time, before I reluctantly came to the realization that believing in some kind of plan for me and for humanity is the only thing that brings me peace and sanity. I know, I know – “Trust the Plan” hasn’t been my style in the past. But I do trust my intuition, and when I see my life as that of an actor in a sort of a grand dramatic theatrical production instead of some endless forever war, I can’t help but give a sort of weary smile.

I do, however, want to share with you what I have been researching lately. I came across a website that, by modern Internet standards, is quite old, and yet seems to contain a lot of very relevant and accurate information that has resonated with me very strongly. It is a series of writings from a now-dead messenger/channeler named Paul Shockley (appropriate name, I would say) from an entity calling Itself “Cosmic Awareness”. After reading a little bit of this file, I believe that Cosmic Awareness and the Divine Universal Omnisoul (DUO) are one and the same. In this version of the story, the Orion Empire are technically the bad guys, but he does emphasize that not all Reptilians are evil, and not all planets in the Orion region are negative. I have long since accepted that anyone who has information on the Orion Empire is worth reading, even if I disagree with their opinions. You can find the “Master File” for this messenger by clicking here.

I also read this article from 2018 recently, which contains a synopsis of the “Hidden Hand” interview on the Above Top Secret forums, where the author suggests that Yahweh and Lucifer / Ea and Ra are both tired of this game and want to go home. Both my intuition and my psychic communications with these two beings, as well as the rest of the Anunnaki remnants, suggest to me that we are all tired of the game and want to go home.

I have also been practicing light meditation, in which I practice breathing a white-gold healing light into all of my chakras. I try to breathe not only into the traditional seven chakras, but also into the 8th chakra, right above our heads, and also the planet Herself, which I believe is a sort of 9th Chakra. I know there are many different systems of additional chakras beyond the traditional seven, but I am inclined to stop at nine for reasons that should be obvious by now. Not all light is false, just as not all darkness is evil. As I have said in the past: it is best to look at everything in life in various shades of gray, rather than see everything as black and white. I have given you a lot of links throughout this blog to websites with tons of information to help your Awakening, including some information from beings who we might consider to be enemies. Deciding which information is right for you is your responsibility – nobody else’s.

Meanwhile, back in the mainstream, America continues to implode under the disastrous “leadership” of Controller puppet-in-chief Joe Biden. The conservative blogosphere is speculating that 2022 is going to be the year of “The Controlled Demolition of Everything” or, as the Elite like to call it, “The Great Reset”. From an occult numerology standpoint, it makes perfect sense the elite would choose this year: it is three 2s, after all (totaling 6), and two is both the number of duality and the number I chose for Yahweh in my finale. Be sure to stock up on clean water and canned foods if you haven’t already. I wouldn’t recommend buying a gun, as that will only make you a target for the Controllers at this point…but a basic self defense weapon like a baseball bat or a hunting knife is probably a good idea to have, just in case your home is invaded. Better to be safe than sorry!

I am still playing videogames to pass the time, despite numerous efforts to quit. I know I am probably addicted to them, but being disabled and homebound, I have to have something to pass the time. But anyway, the new Destiny 2 expansion has some very interesting predictive programming: the new expansion is called “The Witch Queen”, and is all about how an evil galactic queen has “hijacked the light”. The “light” in the Destiny universe is what makes players immortal. (Unlike other games, which easily dismiss and hand-wave away the endless dying and respawning cycle, Destiny makes it an integral part of the game’s story.) DUO keeps insisting that I am to study these games to look for themes behind the Controllers’ plans. It explains that this is because videogames are actually the most accurate predictive programming out of any medium right now. Maybe that’s just my mind trying to justify my habit, but again: I have to believe that there is a plan for me, a reason these games resonate so strongly. Besides, I don’t really have much better to do at this point, now do I? So, I will probably be diving deep in the Destiny universe as I continue my research from here on out.

I hope you all are surviving the current madness as best you can. My friends are not doing so well right now, and one of them – a dear mentor of mine – is on the verge of death. I am trying to help them and support them as best I can, but it breaks my heart to say that there is very little I can do for them. I have been very blessed to be in a relatively stable situation, but I do still believe, unfortunately, that things will get worse before they get better.

My only other suggestion for you at this point? Do whatever feels right to you. Pray, meditate, cry, make love / masturbate, scream, protest, dance…hell, even if you just want to sit in front of a screen all day – whatever your heart is calling you to do, do it. Trust that you are loved, no matter what happens to you. Resist by doing what you want, not what the world wants.

Let me give you an example: during my last hospital stay during a trip to Colorado back in September, I talked quite a bit with a fellow patient, who was also named Paul. (That name has been popping up a lot lately, which is strange considering I used it as a “spiritual” middle name on Facebook for a while.) He told me he had never even gotten a hug in his whole life before. Despite the hospital rules that we weren’t supposed to touch anyone, I knew what I had to do: I gave him the biggest, most affectionate bear hug that I could. He thanked me and told me I had a heart of gold, despite the fact that he had already lost almost everything. (Mental wards are filled with victims of the system.) Later on, “Let’s Dance” by David Bowie came on while we were in the courtyard, and we both sang and danced together as if there were no tomorrow.

This is the kind of resistance, the kind of service to the Holy DUO, that I try to practice. Positive resistance: live, love, laugh, learn…just have fun and try to enjoy your life in spite of everything. That’s what the Controllers fear the most.

Thank you for reading, everyone.

In Gratitude, Love, and Respect,

Dnahn / Daniel

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